40v Compact Charger

£29.99 GBP

After a hard day’s work, our batteries like to recover in the warm bosom of our chargers. They keep the batteries fit and healthy for an extended lifespan and it doesn’t take long for a full recharge. Absolute bliss.

  • Fast charging

    Fully juiced in just 4 hours at 7p per charge

  • Low voltage protection

    A dead battery can be resurrected. It’s a miracle!

  • Compact design

    A ton of tech in a tiny place

In the box

40v Compact Charger
Sub-total £29.99 GBP

Add a dynamic charger for £49.99

This thing is a super charger in so many ways. From a flat battery to full charge in just 1 hour and a brain that tells you how healthy your battery is. That is super.

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