40v Polesaw

£125.99 GBP

No branch is safe, power and efficiency in a compact unit. With an aluminium shaft for strength and lightweight and a reach of over two meters, this polesaw will tame any unruly and overgrown trees and shrubs with ease.

  • 20cm cutting capacity

    Cut through branches like they’re not even there

  • Narrow bar and chain

    For a cleaner cut and longer charge

  • Split shaft

    For easy dismantling and transport

  • Automatic chain oiling

    Easy to lift, hard to put down

  • Lightweight

    Easy to lift, hard to put down

  • Safety switch

    Prevents tools turning on behind your back, so no surprises

  • Toolless chain tensioning

    Adjust the chain tension with this handy clip

  • Easy fill oil tank

    No hassle when you need to top up

  • Oil level sight

    Always know when your pole saw’s thirst

  • Aluminium shaft

    Made of strong stuff, ready for action

  • Single lever control

    The power is in your hand (not hands)

In the box

40v Polesaw
Sub-total £125.99 GBP

Add a dynamic charger for £49.99

This thing is a super charger in so many ways. From a flat battery to full charge in just 1 hour and a brain that tells you how healthy your battery is. That is super.