Our one-size-fits-all-Swift-tools battery is a miniature powerhouse. Capable of powering our tools to do extraordinary things on a single charge. Easy to fit, easy to transfer. And you only have to buy it once. Unless you fancy a spare.

  • High quality electronics

    Top-notch components for optimum performance and efficiency

  • Lightweight

    Easy to lift, hard to put down

  • Compact

    A lot of tech squeezed into one small package

40v Battery

One battery powers all your gardening tools.

£56.99 GBP

40v Compact Charger

Efficiently charges your one-for-all battery.

£29.99 GBP

40v Dynamic Charger

Supercharge your battery.

£49.99 GBP

SWIFT 120V 42CM Cordless lawnmowers battery EA20

£179.99 GBP

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