40v Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

£132.99 GBP

Anywhere, anytime, tall hedges will get shaped with ease. With an aluminium shaft for strength and lightweight and a reach of over two meters, and an adjustable angle cutting head the big hedges will get a flat top and square sides like it has been to the barbers.

  • Performance enhancing transmission

    More blade power, less motor strain

  • 22mm cutting capacity

    Cut through branches like a lumberjack

  • 45cm cutting length

    Trim high, trim low, trim wide, trim narrow

  • robust

    Aluminium shaft for lightweight stregth

  • long-reach

    Over 2 meters length to reach everywhere

  • adjustable angle

    From the top to the face, multi-angle cutting head enables it all

  • Dual action blade

    Double the cutting force

  • fold flat

    Compact storage and safer to handle

  • split shaft

    Half the length, half the hassle

  • Harness

    Balance it up with the included shoulder strap

  • Optimal battery position

    Counteract the weight with he rear mounted battery

In the box

40v Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Sub-total £132.99 GBP

Add a dynamic charger for £49.99

This thing is a super charger in so many ways. From a flat battery to full charge in just 1 hour and a brain that tells you how healthy your battery is. That is super.

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