40v Chainsaw

£115.99 GBP

It might look beautiful, but this beast packs some serious cutting power. With increased chain torque and a narrow bar and chain for enhanced efficiency, this chainsaw will rip through wood like a knife through some already-melted butter.

  • Performance enhancing transmission

    A more efficient and faster motor for increased chain torque

  • 30cm cutting length

    Sink your teeth into all the wood you want

  • Mechanical and electrical chain brake

    Two braking systems for double protection

  • Lightweight

    Easy to lift, hard to put down

  • Compact design

    A ton of tech in a tiny place

  • Safety switch

    Prevents tools turning on behind your back, so no surprises

  • Toolless chain tensioning

    Adjust the chain tension with this handy clip

  • Narrow bar and chain

    For a cleaner cut and longer charge

  • Automatic chain oiling

    To save you a fiddly job

  • Ergonomic handle design

    And lift, and hold. Not much of a workout when it’s this light and comfortable

  • Two-handed operation

    For maximum protection and greatest weight distribution

  • Optimum weight distribution

    Easy to manoeuvre and oh so nimble

In the box

40v Chainsaw
Sub-total £115.99 GBP

Add a dynamic charger for £49.99

This thing is a super charger in so many ways. From a flat battery to full charge in just 1 hour and a brain that tells you how healthy your battery is. That is super.

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